92-95 Civic and 93-95 Integra 37820-P05 P06 P08 P28 P29 P30 P72 P74 P75 PR4


If you are too lazy to read this whole page, you can skip to the “Recommended Combos” section at the end for a shopping list without any explanation.

92-95 Civic and 92-95 Integras are a common hardware platform – there is no sense in addressing specific vehicle or ECU models.  These ECUs are also a more or less plug-n-play substitute for 92-95 Accord and Prelude computers, which have not been figured out to the same extent.  96-00/01 OBD2 vehicles can also use ECUs on this page with an OBD2-OBD1 conversion harness.

Once chipped, these ECUs have many hardware options for tuning ranging from simple chip tuning to realtime options with integrated logging.  To learn about the different options, see “Tuning Hardware” below.

While there are differences between OBD1 Civic and Integra ECUs (Vtec vs. non-Vtec, manual vs. automatic, 1wire vs. 4wire O2 vs. 5wire wideband, power steering vs no PS, etc.) it is possible to convert any ECU that is a member of the “family” into any other ECU by a combination of modifications to the the circuitry in terms of adding and removing parts along with chipping the ECU to change its program.  The only “oddballs” are the 92-95 Civic VX P07 (which came from the factory with a wideband and was heavily optimized for fuel economy) and the 94-95 JDM GSR Automatic P72 (which is more like a OBD2 ECU inside.   Manual P72 ECUs are ok).  To find out more about various kits for converting ECUs or adding features see “ECU Modification Hardware” below.

The firmware of these ECUs has been hacked apart.  There are several software tools available for tuning this platform.  Many software tools extend the original capabilities of the factory computer, allowing forced induction, ITBs and larger injectors to be calibrated.  For more information about the software tools available, see “Software Options” below.

Tuning Hardware

  • Honda Chip Kit allows ECUs to be chipped
  • BURN2 programs C2 27SF512 chips which can be installed in chipped ECUs
  • Ostrich2 allows realtime tuning in chipped ECUs
  • Xtreme HULOG allows logging of data from ECUs suitably equipped
  • Demon1 allows realtime tuning (like Ostrich) logging (like HULOG) and also has onboard memory for recording datalogs without a laptop connected.  Honda Chip Kit is included.  Supports both JDM and USDM ECUs
  • Demon2 is an evolution of the Demon1 with non-volatile memory for program storage, more onboard memory and different connection options.  Honda Chip Kit is included.  Supports only USDM ECUs
  • Demon+Neptune combo is a Demon1/2 bundled with a license for NeptuneRTP software
  • Neptune License allows Demon users to upgrade to Neptune RTP software
  • Honda Tuning kit bundles a Honda Chip Kit, BURN2, Ostrich2, HULOG together
  • Engine Sim generates signals like an engine to allow testing of ECUs on bench

ECU Modification Hardware

  • Honda Chip Kit allows ECUs to be chipped
  • VTEC-1720 kit allows non-vtec ECUs with 1720 motherboard to be converted to run Vtec engines
  • VTEC-11F0 kit allows non-vtec ECUs with 11F0 motherboard to be converted to run Vtec engines
  • VTEC-1980 kit allows non-vtec ECUs with 1980 motherboard to be converted to run Vtec engines
  • PWM components kit adds the ability to control a boost control solenoid with supported software
  • Bluetooth modules allow wireless communication between laptops/smartphones and your ECU (Software support required for optimal operation.  Many applications that work with a HULOG will NOT run smoothly without modification)

Software Options

Looking at software options for this platform that work with our hardware, there are basically two choices:

  • Neptune – mature, stable, feature packed, well documented, bug-free
  • CROME – unstable, less features, non-existent documentation, lots of bugs

Neptune RTP is the version of Neptune we sell.  We HIGHLY recommend this option.  When you buy a Neptune License, it is married to a specific Demon hardware unit (Demon+Neptune package – $395), the license is paired with the Demon hardware unit.  You can use it on whichever laptops you want, but only hardware that has been licensed.  Neptune RTP allows you to tune, datalog and also set up onboard logging, i.e. logging without a laptop.  Advanced features ranging from wideband closed-loop to programmable output control for nitrous or otherwise are supported.  Multiple tunes can be selected.  Alpha-N (TPS maps) are possible for ITBs or large cam cars.  Boost control via PWM solenoid or multiple stages of solenoids is possible.  Neptune is mature, relatively easy to use, well-documented, feature rich, works as documented and relatively bug free.  TL;DR: You get what you pay for.   More info can be found by looking at a demo version of the software which can be found here.

We do NOT sell the dealer version of Neptune.  You can contact info@hrtuning.com for more information on this.

CROME comes in several versions.

  • The free version of CROME supports editing bins ONLY.  There is no logging.  There is no “Gold” ROM support.
  • The Pro version of CROME (available from Xenocron.com, $150) supports editing bins AND datalogging.  The “Gold” ROM can be used on a restricted basis.  This is intended for individual use only but the license is widely abused.
  • The Dealer version of CROME (available direct from CROME’s author only, $450?) supports editing bins AND datalogging.  It has full support for the “Gold” ROM.  Commercial users are meant to use this version.

CROME is a semi-community supported application.  (i.e. get your help on pgmfi.org) The software package itself is free to use for editing bins but any logging requires a paid version.  The “Pro” version intended for single user use is widely abused for tuning multiple cars.  CROME does NOT support the onboard logging or extra channels present on the Demon hardware.  CROME Pro/dealer will work with either the Demon as a in unit or with the Ostrich, BURN2 and HULog for chip-burning operation.  There is no documentation for CROME, aside from what is available from the community.  There are many things that are not working properly and tons that are mislabeled or misrepresented – individual cylinder trims, startup enrichment corrections and vtec pressure code elimination (among others) are all problematic as of February 2015.  CROME is the cheapest way to get into tuning Hondas but it hasn’t kept up with the support and features offered by Neptune.  We do NOT sell CROME – you can purchase Crome Pro from xenocron.com or CROME Dealer from tunewithcrome.com

Recommended Combos

For the end user looking to tune their own car with ease, there is only one good choice: the Demon+Neptune kit offers a comprehensive package of everything required to chip and tune an OBD1 Honda ECU in a convenient package.  The best hardware and best software combine to provide the best tuning option, hands down.  But it’s not cheap if you’re looking to do a fleet of vehicles.

For the aspiring t00ner on a budget looking to tune every car in their neighborhood, there is only one good choice: the Honda Tuning Kit paired with a CROME Pro/Dealer license sold elsewhere and a dozen Honda Chip Kits.  No other option will let you tune as many cars for the money.

Combos to Avoid

The Demon is only fully supported by Neptune RTP.  You can purchase an Ostrich and HULOG for less than the price of a Demon.  It does not make sense to buy a Demon if you are planning to use CROME.

The Honda Tuning Kit, BURN2 and Ostrich2 are NOT supported by NeptuneRTP.  In order to use these devices with Neptune, you must sign up as a dealer for Neptune – something we do not get involved with.