TunerPro V5: Converting ADS to ADX format


Among other things, TunerPro RT brings a new definition format, the ADX.  This is an extended version of the previous file format, ADS.  The file formats are NOT compatible, but you can convert between them fairly simply.  Unfortunately, the automatic conversion utility in TunerPro isn’t perfect so this guide exists to help you achieve success.

Failure to set the body length correctly (which this guide will explain) can result in periodic timeouts or errors while logging.  Generally, you will be able to initially connect but there will be seemingly random errors in the data captured.  This seems to be much worse on faster PCs.


  1. Open TunerPro v5.x
  2. Go to Acquisition … Import Definition … From ADS
  3. Point TunerPro at the ADS file you wish to convert.
  4. When prompted, choose a filename for the new ADX definition (this filename doesn’t really matter, just remember it)
  5. Go to Acquisition … Load Definition and point it at the file you just saved.
  6. Go to Acquisition … Edit Definition
  7. In the editor window, click on the plus next to Commands and then click on Transmit Data Reply
  8. Make sure the “Body Size (Dec)” item is 67.  In many cases, it will incorrectly get set to 66 by the automatic conversion tool.
  9. Click ‘Save’ and you’re done!  If you ever load this definition in the future, it will be ready to go.