Support: Information we need

Our support email box gets a lot of messages that are loosely of the form:


Unfortunately, this does NOTHING to help us help you figure out what is going on.   The following ten questions should give you a reasonable guide to what we need to help you solve the problem at hand.  (Feel free to copy and paste this and use it verbatim as the beginning of your emails to )

  1. What kind of vehicle(s) ? (Year, make, model)
  2. Which engine (stock / replacement) ?
  3. Which ECM / ECU (Part number, catch code, ID sticker, etc.) ?
  4. If known, which strategy/mask/operating system/codebase on ECM?
  5. Which hardware are you trying to use?
  6. If you are using non-Moates hardware, which?
  7. Which software application are you trying to use?  Which version?
  8. Which definition(s) for your particular vehicle are you using?  Where did you get them?
  9. Did things stop working (i.e. they worked in the past) or have they never worked?
  10. Is this problem something that happens every time (consistent) or just sometimes (intermittent) ?