QuarterHorse: 1.4 to 1.6 Firmware

Introduction: Firmware Update

There has been one major firmware upgrade for the QuarterHorse.  There is minimal impact for EECIV users (i.e. Foxbody, 94-95 GT) but EECV users will see a much bigger difference.


What changed?

  • EECV 2 bank operation completely changed (affects 96-98 vehicles ONLY)
  • Fix to data presentation and corruption during large numbers of incremental updates in low memory pages and program switching (affects EECIV in select modes in Binary Editor ONLY)
  • Added support for reading ECMs (All vehicles)


How to Tell If Your Unit Has Been Updated

The easiest thing to do is try and read a PCM, particularly if you already have a stock program read from it to compare to.  If the read operation succeeds, you have 1.6 or newer firmware.  If the read operation fails or does weird stuff, you probably should look into the firmware upgrade.


Upgrading Firmware

Unfortunately, QuarterHorse firmware CANNOT be upgraded in the field.  You can contact support to arrange for an upgrade.  All units with older firmware are encouraged to upgrade, but in many cases (single bank EECIV, for instance) there will be little if any impact to daily use.