Ostrich ROM stacking

So you want to use your Ostrich 2.0 with one of our switching adapters? ( Two Timer, G2X, G3 )

This guide gives you an idea of how to “stack” your ROMs to make things work.

Step 1: determine how big ONE program is. ( look how big your ROM is – 27C256 = 32kbyte = 8000h, 27C32 = 4kb = 1000h )

Step 2: Determine how big of a program your switcher uses.  This hopefully will be the same as the size of your ROM, but your ROM may be smaller than this value.  G2X = 4kb = 1000h, Two Timer = G3 = 32k = 8000h)

Step 3: Fire up Emutility

Step 4: Uncheck the “End justify” box

Step 5: Input the size of your program in the SIZE box.

Step 6: Do some math.  Programs in the Ostrich are END JUSTIFIED.  The Ostrich’s memory goes from 00000h to 3FFFFh.  Fire up the windows calculator in scientific mode.  Change the format to hex.  Put it 3FFFF to start.

Step 7: Subtract the size of your PROGRAM.  This can be different from the size of the switching adapter.

Step 8: Put this value in the start address box.

Step 9: Program the ostrich (Write from file to emulator)

Step 10: Go back to Windows calculator.  Subtract the size of the SWITCHING ADAPTER.  (3FFFF – size of program – size of switching adapter)

Step 11: Go back to step 8.  Repeat steps 8 through 11 until you have programmed all desired settings.