Ostrich 1.0

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

The Ostrich 1.0, which has now been discontinued, was the first in the Ostrich line. Upon the creation of the first Moates product, the Autoprom (APU1) the team at Moates quickly realized the demand for separation of the Burner/Emulator/Datalogger combo.

As a result, the Ostrich 1.0 was born.

Early versions of the Ostrich 1.0 were very basic featuring only a black case.

Later versions of the Ostrich 1.0 featured a sticker with a very mean looking Ostrich.

Early revisions of the firmware used 115,200 baud rate. Later revisions (leading up to the Ostrich 2.0) were released featuring the 921,600 baud rate.