OBD1 GM Commercial Tuners


When Moates.net started, virtually all of our customers were people buying the tools we made for themselves and their own car.  All of our products were shipped blank and tunes were loaded on them by the purchaser.

Since then, things have changed.  There are nore shops and tuners out there that are using our products to tune their customers’ cars.  There are a lot of people that are looking for the results that our products can deliver without necessarily having any interest in learning to tune cars themselves.  On this page, you can find a list of shops, tuners and people that use our products for tuning cars where you should be able to get a tune together with Moates hardware or pay for help tuning Moates hardware you already have.

If you would like to be listed here, you can do so by simply emailing support@moates.net with a request.  Please include your name and/or business name, how people should contact you (website, email, phone, etc.) at a minimum.

Important Note

The individuals and shops on this page are not vetted or screened by Moates.net in any way.  The only qualification for being listed here is that we know they offer tuning services for OBD1 GMs or they’re asked nicely to be listed here.   Please do not interpret those listed here as being qualified or endorsed.  You should do your own homework before seeking the services of individuals on this page.  Think of this as craigslist not angieslist. 🙂


OBD1 GM Tuners


Colorado/Cotopaxi – Brian Van Schoiack – Tuned Performance – www.tunedperformance.org

Indiana/Warsaw – Ben Phelps – Wide Open Throttle Technologies – www.wot-tech.com

Indiana/Waterloo – Sinister Performance, LLC. – www.gmtuners.com

Minnesota/Chaska –  TPI Specialties – www.tpis.com

Nevada/Reno: Scott Hansen – Tuned Port Induction Programming Services – www.scotthansen.net

North Carolina/Randleman: Brian Harris – Harris Performance – www.tbichips.com

North Carolina/Mooresville: Alvin Anderson – PCM Of NC – www.pcmofnc.com

Ohio/Cincinnati: Solomon Kostelnik – LT1 PCM Tuning – www.lt1pcmtuning.com