Nissan: 20×2 2Chip-64k ROM Board


These ROM boards are for Nissans that use a 64k program with a 20×2 header.  These boards require TWO 512k chips such as the C2 SST27SF512 chip that we sell or a 27C512.  They require the same ROM image to be burned into both chips.  They do NOT support switching between ROMs – single program only.  These do NOT work with Nissans that have 32k programs such as red-top S13 SR20DET, S13 KA24DE, etc.  These boards can be used with TWO Ostrich 2.0 emulators for realtime tuning.

Known Applications:

  • JDM “Zenki” S14a VVTi SR20DET w/ WC ECU
  • 95+ USDM Z32 VG30DETT
  • 94+ USDM J30 VG30