Nissan: NEMU+Nismotronic Tuning Package


The Nemu+Nismotronic Tuning Package is a complete, single-vehicle solution. High-speed datalogging, emulation, onboard storage, and advanced custom ROM options: these features are available nowhere else!

All the necessary ingredients for a complete turnkey tuning package are included:

NEMU Emulation and Datalogging Hardware:

  • Installs entirely within ECU, uses a single USB connection for logging and Emulation (No need for a consult cable!)
  • SUPER fast realtime emulation and logging (Uploads and Downloads)
  • 4MB Onboard Logging capacity
  • 4 Analog input channels for viewing any 0-5v sensor input (wideband, map sensor, iat, egt, oil pressure)

NismoTronic Tuning Software and User Interface:

  • RealTime Tuning and Logging via NEMU RT Boards
  • Onboard Logging via NEMU RT Boards
  • ADC Inputs for Wideband/IAT/ETC via NEMU RT Boards
  • User Definable Live Gauges, Graphing, and Monitor Tables
  • AFR Target Table (Target AFR) and Raw Table (Logged AFR)
  • AFR Difference Table (Difference in Logged vs Target AFR in percentage)
  • User Definable MAF curves! (Create your own custom MAF curve and save it into the MAF Data file to use on multiple tune files with just one click!)
  • Intuitive GUI with visual graphing. Tons of quick keys for quickly editing table values. Interactive 2D Graphing.
  • Innovate, AEM, PLX, and SLC Pure Wideband Support
  • Program Auto Update Feature
  • Import/Export Fuel and Ignition tables
  • Export Data Logs to CSV format for viewing in other programs (EXCEL, Virtual Dyno)

TunerCode VN5 Advanced ECU Firmware:

  • High RPM tuning limit (8012.5 rpm) removed.
  • Single-Table Fuel and Timing Maps.
  • Choice of soft cut or hard cut rev limits. Launch Control. Overboost rev limiter.
  • Soft cut Speed Limit (Can be disabled or set for valet mode)
  • Programmable A/C Compressor and radiator Fan controls.
  • Knock and Dwell control. Startup fuel and timing.
  • Accel, TPS, and CLT Enrichment. Injector size specification.
  • Decel Fuel Reduction, Idle fuel/timing, Fuel Cut control
  • Enable/Disable: Knock Analysis, Closed Loop O2 Analysis, Long Term Fuel Trim (self-learn), TPS fuel map load column contol, EGR, AIV, O2 Sensor Heater, A/C Compressor, etc.
  • Spark cut limiting, in addition to fuel cut limiting.
  • Set Launch uses throttle, tach., and gear shift to set launch rev limit
  • Programmable Outputs (5 trigger parameters, VVL, NOx, Fans, etc.)

Visual Tour

NEMU Package, in the box (click to enlarge)

Box contents: NEMU Unit, Hardware for installation in ECU, Breakout box and cable for extra inputs/outputs, USB bulkhead cable setup with mounting hardware.

NEMU installed in ECU, with one of our NISSAN2CHIP ROM boards sitting side-by-side for size comparison.

Nismotronic software screenshot


(Under construction)


(Under construction)