Honda Chipping Kit Install: SMD for JDM/Small-Box ECUs

You will need bridge J1 on the back of the ECU.

Add C49 & C50 and C91 & C92 on back

C49 & C50 –> .004UF (Digikey part number 399-1230-1-nd )

C91 & C92 –> .00001UF ( digikey Part Number 399-1192-1-nd )

Add the 74hc373 SMD chip. (MFG part# SN74HC373NSR, Digi-Key Part Number 296-8310-1-ND)

Add a 29C256 eprom with bin written to it.

For RTP/Datalogging w/ Crome remove J4 on front.

Solder in a 4 pin header (snappable header pins 1×40 work GREAT for this and are VERY cheap)

All info is from the following threads:

Special thanks to all the contributors of the above thread and katman for doing the pics in the first place… We love you katman 🙂

Thanks to infotechplus for pics and info on C49,C50,C91,C92