Help We Provide

We aim to be as transparent as possible about EFI tuning and the products we sell, allowing you to make educated decisions.  You won’t call us up and have someone tell you it will be easy and you’ll have your crazy engine tuned in 30 minutes unless that really is the case.  You’re going to hear a more pessimistic account of what it would take because we think it is important for you to have realistic expectations.  EFI Tuning isn’t the kind of thing most folks can master in a few hours.  You’re not in it alone, however, as we are here to help.  This article will discuss what we do and don’t provide in terms of assistance.

We will:

  • Help troubleshoot startup issues such as drivers, software installation and physical connections needed
  • If necessary, provide remote computer control during phone support hours to get you to the point where you are connected and can log data and/or make changes, as appropriate
  • Answer SPECIFIC questions about how to tune your vehicle like “What do I need to change to raise my idle when in gear on my 93 Mustang?”
  • Look over a tune or datalog you send us for “sanity” – i.e. is there something obvious wrong
  • Try to direct you to resources such as forums or documentation available online to further answer any questions you may have when we don’t have answers

We will NOT:

  • Provide base tunes.  Everything we sell is blank.  If absolutely necessary, we can try to refer you to someone who can provide a ready-made tune for you.
  • Provide specific tune guidance. i.e. “You should try 20 degrees of timing.”
  • Provide extensive hand-holding, i.e. step-by-step tuning guidance
  • Answer vague or open-ended questions i.e. “How do I tune my car?”
  • Look over tunes or datalogs and tell you what to change.
  • Provide any assistance modifying or disabling emissions equipment