Hardware Installation Guide

This guide applies to all Moates hardware with USB interface. This includes:

  • Ostrich 1.0
  • Ostrich 2.0
  • Burn1
  • Burn2
  • HuLog
  • Xtreme HuLog
  • HondaLog
  • Autoprom (APU1)
  • ALDU1
  • Xtreme ALDU

Begin by inserting the CD that came with your hardware. If you do not have your CD, download the latest drivers here

Basic Installation

Browse to the “USB Device Drivers” folder and select the appropriate file. Note: We recommend Windows 2000/XP/Vista/W7. Windows 98 can be touchy.

For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/W7 Double Click “CDM Setup Auto-Install”, then plug in your device.

For older versions of Windows, extract the Older non-self-installing drivers.zip archive, plug in your device, and direct the driver installation wizard to the folder that you extracted the zip.

Problems / Troubleshooting

There is a more detailed guide available here for initial driver installation with additional OS specific recomendations. There is also a more detailed guide with pictures for troubleshooting USB related issues available here.

Performance Tip

For better performance, we recommend decreasing the “latency timer” to 1ms on your FTDI device.

This can be done by entering your Device Manager then going to Ports (COM & LPT)->USB Serial Port (COMX)->Right-Click->Properties->Port Settings->Advanced->Latency Timer

Screenshots are available in the troubleshooting guide.