Ford: TunerPro Definitions for QuarterHorse


In addition to any definitions you might find on TunerPro’s Webpage or TI Performance‘s webpage, there are also some definitions we try to maintain.  If you are going to use the QuarterHorse with any of the strategies on this page with TunerPro, these are the definitions we recommend you use.

TunerPro Defs from Moates

89-93 Mustang / Cobra GUFB strategy – A9L, A3M, A3M1, X3Z, S0Z, etc.  A9L-GUFB-TunerPro Download (Created by Sailorbob and modded by Michael Ponthieux, Craig Moates, Dave Blundell)

94-95 Mustang / Cobra CBAZA strategy – T4M0, U4P0, W4H0, J4J1, etc. T4M0-CBAZA-TunerPro-Download (Created by Sailorbob and modded by Michael Ponthieux, Cody Hindman, Craig Moates, Dave Blundell)

Random Community Definitions

These definitions were found randomly.  Little is known about their origins, accuracy, author or maintenance.


CVBA2: 99-00ish 3.8L V6 Mustang CVBA2_TPRT

Decipha’s Definitions

Michael Pontieux / Decipha has put together a pretty wide range of definitions for TunerPro. Some of these are designed to be paired with a custom ROM like the “A9L2” where Ford’s routines have been modified. Some like FBGI0 are definitions that work with “pure” Ford code. Following his instructions, many 99-04 ECUs can be supported. Be prepared to do a lot of reading on his site before trying to use these definitions as there are a few tricks that make things different from other Ford tuning softwares. You may need to grab base tunes as well as definitions to have a working set of tools. Downloads here.

List of supported strategies as of 3/2017:

  • GUFx / 89-93 Mustang V8 (modified GUFB to add extra features, more info on his site)
  •  CBAZA / 94-95 Mustang V8 (note: files available for using CBAZA with EDIS coils)
  • CDAN4 / 96-97 Fords, mostly Mustang
  • CRAJ0 / 98 Cobra & V6
  • CVAE7 / 99 Cobra
  • CVAF1 / 99-02 Mustang V8
  • MPAM0 / 00 Excursion V10 6.8L 4R100
  • OMAE2 / 02/03 Harley F-150
  • FBGI0 / 03-04 Cobra
  • FBFG2 / 03-04 Mustang V8 (99-04 V6 as well.  Can be used on other ECUs with code modification, read on his site for more)
  • RZASA / 03/04 Marauder
  • RZAS0 / 03/04 Crown Vic/Linc Town
  • PRDO0 / 2006 Ranger 4cyl
  • CMAI9 – 97/98 Mark VIII (Pending Maintenance – available upon request)
  • DOAV7 – 02/04 Escape (Pending Maintenance – available upon request)
  • MQAH1 – 99/03 F-150 4R100 (Pending Maintenance – available upon request)
  • MZAK0 – 99/04 F-250 (all 4r100) (Pending Maintenance – available upon request)
  • RWAI2 – 99/03 F-150 4R70W (Pending Maintenance – available upon request)