Ford Tuning Class April 2013 (finished)

Thank you NOLA Motorsports Park for hosting us for the First Moates 4/20-4/21 Ford EFI training!

The quality of the facility, students, participants, and support staff all worked together to yield a ‘class act’ of a weekend!

We all had a great time, and everyone learned something. Group discussions, generous facilities, and a rich diversity of participants all contributed to the weekend’s success.

We will update this page with additional presentation material, video content, feedback, and review as it is prepared, but for now, here are some photos of the group going through the paces of teaching and learning.


Dave getting ready to do some ‘airport departure’ tuning.


Group trying to decide who messed with the lap timer and who ‘actually’ won.


Mark & Michael in the back row.


Steve using the coffee makers as props while explaining LWFM methods.


Dave bending the J3 port to his will.

class_8 class_7 class_4 class_3 class_1