BURN1+F2A+F2E: Reading Ford ECMs


There are two products that we sell that can read the program in a factory ECM:

BURN1/BURN2 with a F2A and F2E – This setup can be used to read ECMs on the bench.  ECM does not need to be powered.

QuarterHorse – This setup requires the ECM to be powered either by a vehicle’s battery or a 12V bench power supply.

Reading with BURN2+F2A+F2E

  1. Start with all cables disconnected (F2A,F2E,USB,etc.)
  2. Connect the F2E to the F2A
  3. Put the F2A in the BURN1/BURN2
  4. Connect the Burn1-2/F2A/F2E Assembly to your ECM.  Make sure your ECM is powered off if it is in the vehicle
  5. Connect the USB from the BURN2 to the PC
  6. Start Flash n  Burn Software on the PC
  7. Choose appropriate settings for the Supported chip type based on the ECM type:  J3 Ford EEC-IV Reader or J3 Ford EEC-V Reader
  8. Choose appropriate settings based on the number of banks used:
    • 56k EEC-IV = 032000 start 03FFFF end
    • 64k EEC-IV = 030000 start 03FFFF end
    • 2-bank EEC-V = 010000 start 02FFFF end
    • 4 bank EEC-V = 000000 start 03FFFF end
  9. Click “Save buffer to file” and choose a filename.

Reading with QuarterHorse

At the time of writing (Aug5-2010) Binary Editor is the only software that supports this feature of the QH reliably.  Select “Read PCM” from within the software.