Bluetooth Install on Ostrich

For the Ostrich2, the following will show you how to install the Bluetooth into the unit:
1) Open the Ostrich (two screws), keep track of the two nylon spacers.
2) Gather up the Bluetooth kit parts as shown in the pictures below.
3) Place the pin headers on the Bluetooth module and snap them on, and then solder it in place as shown.
4) Screw the unit back together (no cleaning necessary) and connect using Bluetooth software (separate tutorial available).
For the original Ostrich, look here:
Ostrich BT Install Pictures
Basically, it is as follows:
1. Remove jumper caps and install shielded angle header.
2. Install module.
3. If you want to go back to USB, then REMOVE bluetooth module and you can put the jumper caps back in place.