96-97 Corvette, Camaro, Firebird, Impala, Caprice, etc.16214399 and 16242921


The 96-97 F and Y bodies use a unique PCM that is an evolution of the 94-95 ECM but requires unique tools.  They are primarily tuned by reflash over the OBD2 diagnostic port, NOT by programming and replacing chips.  (Although this is theoretically possible)  They have both MAF and MAP sensors which are both used for engine control.

Hardware and Software for Tuning

  • TunerCat RRTuner OBD2
  • TunerCat WinFlash software

The only package capable of tuning these vehicles available from Moates is the TunerCat OBD2 tuner suite with WinFlash and cable.  This package is NOT a complete tuning solution as there is NO DATALOGGING!!!  You will need a 3rd party logging tool, such as EFI Live Scan or a GM Tech2 scan tool, to have a workable tuning solution.  This is *NOT* recommended as a first purchase – it is difficult to use compared to other tools and is aimed at an experienced tuner.

Alternatives / Discussion

It will cost about $900 to get into the TunerCat OBD2 package.  There are worthwhile alternatives:

  • Convert to a 94-95 ECM that is well-supported by TunerCATS OBD1.  This will require an ALDU1+CABL2 comboTunerCATS OBD1 tuner ($69.95) with a single definition file ($EE – $19.95) **OR** TunerCats WinFLash and TunerPro RT with the $EE definition, along with a new 94-95 ECM.  This may involve minor wiring changes.  Arguably the most simple and straightforward option.  Preserves all engine sensors, distributor, etc.  This option will work for LTx engines ONLY.  96-97 Vortecs must use another option.
  • Convert to a 98+ ECM that is well-supported by EFI Live.  This will involve more substantial wiring changes and a supported 98+ ECM.  This will involve a 24x reluctor conversion kit. (See here for more information.)  This is *NOT EASY OR SIMPLE* but arguably provides the best solution because quality, trusted LSx electronics replace many problematic parts on the earlier engines such as replacing  the Optispark system with coil-near-plug as found on the LSx.