94-95 LT1 Corvette, Camaro, Firebird 16188051 16181333


The 94-95 F and Y bodies are a dramatically different breed of PCM compared to earlier models used by GM.  They are primarily tuned by reflash using the ALDL protocol over the diagnostic port, NOT by programming and replacing chips.  (Although this is possible – they feature two 28F512 PLCC EPROMs)  They speak ALDL for datalogging at 8192 baud.  They are MAP sensor based.

BEWARE: these vehicles came with both the rectangular OBD1 style ALDL connectors AND the D-shaped “OBD2” connector, depending on their build date.  Make sure you check to see which connector your car has before ordering.  ( pictures )

BEWARE: these ECUs are notorious for “bricking,” or being killed by a bad flash program.  Please ensure that there is adequate battery voltage at all times.  It is a good idea to put a charger on the vehicle while programming as a drop in voltage for one second (fan kicking on, headlights, turn signals, subwoofer, etc.) can be enough to kill the ECM.  We do NOT rebuild bricked ECUs!

Hardware for Tuning

  • ALDU1 with CABL1 or CABL2 depending on build date to reprogram ECM and log data
  • APU1 AutoPROM with CABL1 or CABL2 All-in-one device works in pass through mode.  Advanced features of the APU1 including emulation and wideband datalogging are not trivially possible on this platform.
  • It is a good idea to use a 12V battery charger, available elsewhere.

Software for Tuning

These computers use the $EE mask.

TunerPro RT + the $EE definitions works for editing bins and datalogging.  TunerPro can log data.  TunerPro can edit bins.  TunerPro CANNOT read or flash ECMs.

TunerCat OBD1 Tuner with the $EE Definition works for editing bins.  TunerCat OBD1 Tuner can read and flash ECMs and edit bins but not log data.

TunerCat DataCat (Formerly TTS Datamaster) works for logging data but cannot read, flash or edit.

TunerCat WinFlash can be used for the actual work of flashing and reading ECMs but will not log or edit.

Madtuner.com offer an alternative flash program which can be used for the actual work of flashing and reading ECMs but will not log or edit.

There is also another $EE hack site that provides improved XDFs to work with TunerPro.

So… There is NOT a single software package that does everything you need.  There are choices and you will need a combination of software packages to be able to read, program, edit and log.