93-95 Holden VR Commodore 16176424 16183082 16195699


The 93-95 VR Commodores  use several different ECMs that fortunately use the same tools for tuning.  These ECMs feature electronically controlled automatic transmissions ( 4L60E ) as well as engine control.

Hardware Required for Tuning

  • G1 Chip adapter and C2 27SF512 chip required to reprogram ECM
  • BURN2 Chip Programmer programs 27SF512 chips
  • ALDU1 with CABL1 required for datalogging
  • Ostrich2 required for real time tuning
  • APU1 AutoPROM All-in-one device works great, taking the place of BURN2, ALDU1+CABL1 and Ostrich2

Software Required for Tuning

These computers use the $11 mask for automatic transmission vehicles or $12 mask for manual transmissions.  $2A is also seen for LPG and $3D for Holden HSV.

TunerPro RT has editing definitions on the website.

 PCMHacking.net appears to have datalogging definitions for TunerPro RT.

TunerCat OBD1 tuner has editing definitions available.