92-95 TBI Trucks with 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions 16197427 16196395 16156930 16168625


Starting around 1992, GM started putting the newer electronically controlled 4L60E and 4L80E transmissions in their trucks.  Along with the electronically controlled transmissions came new ECMs that speak ALDL at 8192 baud and have removable “memcals” – 16197427, 16196395, 16156930, 16168625.  These ECMs are largely interchangeable – as a rule of thumb, any of the 4 hardware boxes ( 16197427, 16196395, 16156930, 16168625 ) can run any of the 4 main masks ( $0D, $0E, $31 or $E6 ) BUT you will have issues using a V6 memcal for a V8 application or vise versa.  Your memcal MUST be from a vehicle that has the same number of cylinders as the engine you are trying to run.

You can also use these PCMs for standalone transmission controllers.

Hardware for Tuning

  • G1 Chip adapter and C2 27SF512 chip required to reprogram ECM
  • BURN2 Chip Programmer programs 27SF512 chips
  • ALDU1 with CABL1 required for datalogging
  • Ostrich2 required for real time tuning
  • APU1 AutoPROM All-in-one device works great, taking the place of BURN2, ALDU1+CABL1 and Ostrich2

Software for Tuning

These computers use the $0D, $0E, $31 or $E6 masks from the factory.  The $0D and $E6 are generally found on 4L60E trucks.  The $31 and $0E are generally found on 4L80E equipped trucks.

TunerPro RT + the $0D, $0E, $31 or $E6 definitions works for editing and datalogging.  (this is the recommended software.  It is included with the AutoProm)

TunerCat OBD1 tuner with the appropriate definition works for editing.

TTS Datamaster with the appropriate definition works for datalogging.

Recommended Hardware to Buy

  1. G1 + BURN2 + C2 = most basic
  2. G1 + BURN2 + C2 + ALDU1 w/ CABL1 = basic with logging capabilities
  3. G1 + APU1 = Chip tune / realtime tune / datalog – full capabilities
  4. G1 + APU1 + MTX-L = full capabilites with wideband logging