91-93 GMC Syclone / Typhoon 1227749


The 91-93 Syclone trucks and Typhoon SUVs were a unique low-production vehicle that featured a powerful turbocharged 4.3L V6 engine.  They use the 1227749 ECM, which is most similar to the 1227730 used in the 90-92 TPI V8s.  These vehicles were equipped with a 2 bar MAP sensor from the factory along with hardware for controlling an intercooler pump and boost control solenoid.  There is no transmission shift control on these ECMs.  8192 baud datalogging, P4 generation ECM with memcal.

Hardware for Tuning

  • G1 Chip adapter and C2 27SF512 chip required to reprogram ECM
  • G3 Chip adapter, C3 29F040 chip and Ex remote for multi-position chip for multiple tunes
  • BURN2 Chip Programmer programs 27SF512 chips
  • ALDU1 with CABL1 required for datalogging
  • Ostrich2 required for real time tuning
  • APU1 AutoPROM All-in-one device has complications with datalogging.  The APU1 is NOT recommended for the 1227749 ECM!!!  The combination of Ostrich, ALDU1+CABL1 and BURN2 is recommended.

Software for Tuning

These computers use the $58 mask supporting 2 Bar MAP sensors from the factory.  Numerous modifications were available to enable the use of a 3 bar MAP sensor including the “Ultimate Chip” and Code59.

TunerPro RT + the $58 or Code59 definitions works for editing and datalogging.  (this is the recommended software.)

TunerCat OBD1 tuner with the $58 definition works for editing.

TTS Datamaster with the $58 definition works for datalogging.

Custom ROMs may package their own definitions and require specific software support.

Recommended Purchase

G1 + C2 + BURN2 + Ostrich2 + ALDU1 w/CABL1 + Innovate MTX-L + TunerPro RT