86-89 TPI GM Corvette, Firebird, Camaro 1227165 16198259


The 86-89 F and Y bodies were among the first EFI computers used by GM that featured a Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) for air metering.  P4 generation ECM, 160 or 8192 baud ALDL communication (depends on code mask), “memcal” with 27C128 EPROM.  Many of these ECMs feature a cold-start injector.  They can drive up to 8 injectors and a single coil with distributor.  There is no transmission shift control on these ECMs. The 1227165 and 16198259 ECMs can be used interchangeably.

Hardware for Tuning

  • G1 Chip adapter and C2 27SF512 chip required to reprogram ECM
  • BURN2 Chip Programmer programs 27SF512 chips
  • ALDU1 with CABL1 required for datalogging
  • Ostrich2 required for real time tuning
  • APU1 AutoPROM All-in-one device programs chips, logs data and allows realtime tuning

Software for Tuning

These computers use different masks depending on the application.  $32, $32B and $6E are the most common masks.

TunerPro RT + the $32, $32B and $6E definitions works for editing and datalogging. (included with APU1)

TunerCat OBD1 tuner with the $32, $32B and $6E definitions works for editing. (we do not sell, available elsewhere)

TTS Datamaster with the $32, $32B and $6E  definitions works for datalogging. (we do not sell, available elsewhere)

Logging a Wideband Without an APU1

One of our customers, Fred, was kind enough to email us with this information.  There is a modified bin available to allow logging a wideband with just an ALDU1 instead of requiring the analog inputs on the APU1.  This uses the MAT input to the ECM.  You can read more on thirdgen.org

Recommended Purchase

G1 + C2 + APU1 + Wideband