86-89 TPI GM Corvette, Firebird, Camaro 1227165 16198259


The 86-89 F and Y bodies were among the first EFI computers used by GM that featured a Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF) for air metering.  P4 generation ECM, 160 or 8192 baud ALDL communication (depends on code mask), “memcal” with 27C128 EPROM.  Many of these ECMs feature a cold-start injector.  They can drive up to 8 injectors and a single coil with distributor.  There is no transmission shift control on these ECMs. The 1227165 and 16198259 ECMs can be used interchangeably.

Hardware for Tuning

  • G1 Chip adapter and C2 27SF512 chip required to reprogram ECM
  • BURN2 Chip Programmer programs 27SF512 chips
  • ALDU1 with CABL1 required for datalogging
  • Ostrich2 required for real time tuning
  • APU1 AutoPROM All-in-one device programs chips, logs data and allows realtime tuning

Software for Tuning

These computers use different masks depending on the application.  $32, $32B and $6E are the most common masks.

TunerPro RT + the $32, $32B and $6E definitions works for editing and datalogging. (included with APU1)

TunerCat OBD1 tuner with the $32, $32B and $6E definitions works for editing. (we do not sell, available elsewhere)

TTS Datamaster with the $32, $32B and $6E  definitions works for datalogging. (we do not sell, available elsewhere)

Logging a Wideband Without an APU1

One of our customers, Fred, was kind enough to email us with this information.  There is a modified bin available to allow logging a wideband with just an ALDU1 instead of requiring the analog inputs on the APU1.  This uses the MAT input to the ECM.  You can read more on thirdgen.org (and a thread on code patches to log 0-5V inputs)

Recommended Purchase

G1 + C2 + APU1 + Wideband


Platform Notes

While $32, $32B and $6E masks are found on these ECMs, it is highly recommended to start tuning with the $6E mask regardless of which mask the ECM/memcal originally used.  Using a chip with the $6E mask will override whatever was present from the factory.  The $6E mask does not use the 9th cold start injector and most importantly, speaks at “high speed” 8192 baud for logging, which is a HUGE improvement over the 160 baud logging used by the $32/32B masks.  Stock bins for various engines (305, 350, etc.) are available for download at the Gearhead-efi $6E information page.

One of the common things that comes up is the idle change with logging on $6E.  It is hard-coded but can be poked with, just like anything.  This thread on thirdgen.org explains what you can do.