The 2Timer is a great tool used by anyone who needs multiple fuel maps one one chip. Good examples are those who run Nitrous, or typically run two different types of fuel. (I.E. Race Gas map vs. Pump Gas map)

Creating a BIN for the 2Timer

We get this question a lot, so we have decided to do a write-up to help people out. Let’s assume you have an easy situation and you are simply trying to create a Race Gas tune for your vehicle. We are also going to assume that you have both of your original BIN files in an easily accessible folder on your computer. For the sake of simplicity, lets say that both of these tunes were produced with CROME. So you should have 2 files, each of size 32,768 bytes, or 32KB for short. You need to combine these files into one 64KB file.

Unfortunately, CROME does not have this capability. However TunerPro does.

Download it here.

There is a standalone module within TunerPro called the Bin Stacker.

Tools->Bin Stacker/Splitter

Tuner Pro: Bin Stacker

Within the Bin Stacker there are some rather Cryptic options:

Bin Size: This is the size of the tune. Typically 32KB (for Hondas)

Chip Size: This is the capacity of the chip. 64KB (assuming your using a SST 27SF512)

Block Size: This is useful if you are putting two 16KB tunes on a 64K chip, but you need the second 16KB tune to start at the halfway point of the chip. Set the block size to 32KB and it will start writing the second tune at the 32KB mark. If you’re doing this on a Honda, select 32KB.

For the 2Timer, Pos 1 is the default, and Pos 0 is the map that gets selected when you ground the wire coming out of the 2Timer unit.

Using the Browse button you will be able to put your two tunes in their appropriate positions, and by clicking Stack you will be able to create 1 file that you can burn to a chip.

Using the Flash N Burn software you will be able to burn this file to your SST 27SF512 chip.

Alternate Procedure

When using the 2Timer to switch between two 32k programs, you will want to program the chip directly (not through the 2Timer). Assuming you are using the 27SF512 chip, you can program two positions.

  1. First, insert the 27SF512 chip into the BURN1 programmer and erase it followed by a blank check.
  2. Load the first program from file to the buffer of the FlashBurn program.
  3. For the first program (switch open to select), program the chip using chip addressing of 8000-FFFF, buffer addressing of 0000-7FFF. After the programming cycle, perform a verify step.
  4. Load the second program from file to the buffer.
  5. For the second program (switch wire grounded), use chip addressing 0000-7FFF and the same buffer addressing as before. Again, verify after this step.  DO NOT ERASE THE CHIP BEFORE PROGRAMMING A SECOND TIME
  6. That’s it! You can switch the wire to ground to select the ‘lower’ chip addressing location.

You may also want to consult the article on programming chips with offsets found here.

How to Buy

To purchase the 2Timer, please visit this item in our Online Store here